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Applying to UK Universities on Direct Apply - Counselors
Applying to UK Universities on Direct Apply - Counselors

How to manage UK applications on Direct Apply for Counselors

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This article aims to guide counselors on what they would need to do when a student submits a UK application on Direct Apply. If you want more information on what the student flow is like, please refer to this help article. Do note that students will have access to Student Education Advisors (SEAs) who will help them, with you, in this process.

Step #1: Viewing the student's UK application

  1. Search for the student.

  2. Click on "Applications" and scroll down to the "Submitted" section of the student's applications page.

3. The counselors can view the submission status of the applications on the "cDocs Submissions page".

Step #2 UCAS Reference Letter

If you need further guidance on writing a UCAS reference letter, you can refer to this help article.

To prepare the UCAS Reference Letter for your student's UCAS applications on Direct Apply, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to cDocs

  2. Select the student > Documents tab

  3. Select "Letter of Reference (UK DA)"

  4. You'll be led to the below text box where you'll need to complete the letter. The character limit for a UCAS reference letter is 4000 characters or 47 lines (whichever comes first). You will not be able to add more text if the limit has been reached. Save the letter by clicking the "Save" button.

  5. Once the letter is saved, the "Letter of Reference- UCAS" can be seen in the Documents tab of the student.

If you've not submitted it yet, feel free to select the pencil icon to edit the letter.

Step #3: Upload Predicted Grades

  1. Go to cDocs page.

  2. Select the Student> Documents tab

  3. Click on the Upload button beside the Predicted Grades (UK-DA).

4. If there is any qualification that is pending on the UK-DA application will reflect here and click on "Save".

Step #4: Sending Documents for the UK application

Now that the counselors have uploaded the UCAS Reference Letter and Predicted grades, you're at the final step - submitting the documents for the application!

  1. Go to cDocs

  2. Select the student > Submissions tab

  3. Select the UK/UCAS application

  4. Click "Send" to send the Letter of Recommendation and predicted grades.

And you're done!

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