Note: This option may not be available to you if your counselor has not informed Cialfo that your school will be using Cialfo to apply to UK universities on Direct Apply. If you suspect this is the case, please reach out to your counselor. Additionally, if you have applied to a specific university on UCAS directly, you cannot apply for the same university on Cialfo.

This help article aims to guide students on how they can apply for UK universities on Cialfo, we will go step by step and if you have any questions, feel free to raise this to a Student Education Advisor (SEA) at [email protected].

Step #1: Searching & Viewing Programs

  1. Go to Schools, select "Entrance Requirement" filter

  2. Select "Direct Apply" or "UCAS" and click "Apply Filter"

  3. Select any university to see their needed programs and courses

  4. Universities that have both UCAS and Direct Apply logos will have that option for students to apply on UCAS through Direct Apply

Step #2 Viewing the Course & Adding the Application

To view a UK/ UCAS course, select "View Course" under the university's Direct Apply tab:

Under this course page, you'll be able to see the following details:

  • Locations

  • Study Mode:

  • Starting Date

  • UCAS course details

  • Scholarships (if available)

  • UCAS Fee waiver

  • Sponsored Visa Service

  • Entry Requirements

  • Fees & Funding

  • What is a UCAS program

  • Contacts

Now that you've viewed and chosen the UCAS application, it's time to add it! You can add the application by:

  1. Selecting the desired Location and Start Date, and clicking the "Add Direct Application" button

  2. Once you've added the application, the button will change to "Remove Application" in the event you need to remove it

  3. You can find these applications under your Direct Apply page > Not Submitted table

Step #3 Complete Application form and Additional Requirements

Ensure you complete your application form found in the Direct Apply tab and additional requirements for the UK/UCAS application (if any):

You'll need to fill out all required details and upload documents that are highlighted in a red asterisk (*):

Once the application form has been completed (and any additional requirements) you'll see green jelly beans stating it has been completed:

Step #4: Account Creation Confirmation

Now that you're done with adding the program, completing the application form, we'll need confirmation on whether you have: A. submitted a UCAS application directly on UCAS and, B. if you have not.

If you have submitted a UCAS application directly on UCAS, Cialfo will be unable to help manage your UK/UCAS application. You would need to proceed on UCAS.

  1. You'll be asked by Cialfo to provide us permission to create a UCAS account and manage your application.

  2. You can provide Cialfo this permission by selecting "Yes, create account".

Step #5: Completing the UK Application

Once you submit your application or if you have any issues, please feel free to reach out to [email protected].

  1. Complete the UCAS application form by selecting "UCAS Application Form".

    1. This is where you'll be able to provide your Statement of Purpose (SOP).

  2. Once you've completed the form, select the tick box "My UCAS Application Form is complete".

  3. Since UCAS only allows 5 applications, you will only be able to add up to 5 applications. If there are more than 5, you will not be able to click "Submit to Cialfo" and proceed with the process.

  4. Once the applications have been submitted to Cialfo, you will not be able to change or add more UCAS applications in the Direct Apply Page. Please make sure you add all the needed applications before submitting to Cialfo.

Step #6: Submitting the UK Application

After you've clicked "Submit to Cialfo", you will be able to see the status of your application submission. Do note that this may take some time, so please be patient.

Once it's been successfully submitted, you'll see the below:

The UCAS account credentials will be provided by Cialfo and students will be able to see and update the credentials.

If your application was unsuccessfully submitted, you will be asked to submit it again.

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