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Components of Direct Apply application form (Universities)
Components of Direct Apply application form (Universities)

How does the form look like? What information is included in the main Direct Apply application?

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Components of Direct Apply Application

The Application has 5 Components.

  1. Program

  2. Personal Information

  3. Education

  4. Academics

  5. Disclaimer questions

  6. Documents

    1. Supporting Documents

    2. Application Documents


This component provides a summary of the Program and University the student has applied for. It also contains the Result and Status of the student’s application. Result and Status auto-populates based on the actions of the Admissions Officer (AO) reviewing the application. For example - when you click the Start reviewing button at the top right corner of the screen, the status automatically changes from New to Reviewing. This status is linked to the student’s Direct Apply platform as well.

Start Reviewing button -

The program component has the following item -

  • Result - Application result that will be updated by the Admissions Officer (AO). AOs can choose the following results for an application: Accepted, Denied, Conditionally accepted, Academically qualified or Waitlisted.

  • Status - Status of student’s application. The different types are - New, Reviewing, Withdrawn.

  • Applied - The date on with the application was submitted.

  • Organization - Name of the institute where the student has applied.

  • Application Fee - This will display the status of the application fee payment.

  • Program - Name of the program the student has applied for.

You can copy the inputted field onto your clipboard (to paste elsewhere) by clicking on the document icon at the right.

Personal information

This component contains the student’s personal information along with guardian contact information.

The following are the items in the personal information component -

  • First Name

  • Surname/Family Name

  • Preferred Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Postal Address

  • Mobile Number

  • Email Address

  • Timezone

  • Gender

  • Current Address

  • City

  • Country of Residence

  • Citizenship(s)

  • Guardian Information

    • Full Name

    • Relationship

    • Email Address

    • Telephone Number


The education component contains the essential information of the student’s high school, namely -

  • School name

  • CEEB code

  • School address


Here students provide their school academic information and test scores. The data available in this component is -

  • Graduation year - the year in which the student will be/has graduated from their high school.

  • Preferred Course / Major

  • School Region

  • English test score - The tests scores that students can input are IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo, Pearsons English test, Goakao English test

  • Tests - Here the student inputs their ACT or SAT test score, whichever is available.

Additional questions / disclaimer questions

Here you can see student’s answers to 4 disclaimer questions. In case you have requested any additional questions to be included in the application form for students to fill, those can be found in this section as well. You can contact your Account Manager if you wish to add or amend these questions.


The documents section is located on the right side of the screen. There are two subsections to this -

  • Supporting documents, and

  • Application documents

The Supporting documents are the ones that the University/Partner uploads for students. For example: If the result for a student’s application is “Conditionally Accepted”, then you can upload the offer letter with conditions, insurance details (if any), payment details, etc in this section for the students. You can upload these documents using the upload document button and follow the instructions on the screen.

The Application documents come along with the student’s application. The student and counselor upload the documents. These can include -

  • Passport

  • High school transcripts

  • Visas

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Test result certificates, etc.

If you request the student for any additional documents during the course of application assessments, the additional documents uploaded by the student can also be found here.

All documents can be downloaded in bulk using the “download all” button in the top right corner of the application documents section. Individual documents can be downloaded using the down arrow download icon next to each document.

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