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What types of programs are available on Direct Apply?
What types of programs are available on Direct Apply?

Discover the programs available on Direct Apply.

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Direct Entry Program- If you have met the requirements of an undergraduate program, Direct Entry is a direct admission to Year One of an undergraduate program, with no extra modules or requirements.

Pre-Sessional English Program - If you do not meet the English requirements for the Foundation or International Year One programs, the Pre-Sessional English (PSE) program will help improve your ability to read, write and communicate in English, allowing you to smoothly transition into an English-speaking environment. Begin your pathway program when you complete the PSE program with results that meet the entry requirements.

Foundation Program - If you do not meet the entry requirements for Bachelor's Degree or International Year One, Foundation programs can help prepare you for University enrollment. Get a guaranteed place at the university when you pass your course at the required level with good attendance.

International Year One Program - The International Year One program provides routes to excellent Bachelor's degree programs for which you might otherwise not have met the entry requirements for the courses. The program will get you up to speed with your peers by providing you with additional language classes and academic support so that by the end of the program, you will be well-equipped with the skills and knowledge to progress to Year 2 of the university with your peers.

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