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Direct Apply - Application Review Process (Colleges & Universities)
Direct Apply - Application Review Process (Colleges & Universities)

Select, review, evaluate applications and choose the appropriate application result.

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Review Submitted Applications

To review applications on Explore, click on the student’s name to open the application. In the upper right-hand corner, click the blue Start Review button. (The status of the application will change from New to Reviewing.)

*Please note that if a student withdraws from the application process after the initial submission, the status of the application will be updated to Withdrawn and it'll move to an inactive state.

After clicking Start Review, you may now begin the process of reviewing the application.

On the application screen, you may view activity related to the application, email the student directly if you need to communicate, and download any associated application forms in pdf format.

To quickly scroll through applications without returning to the main page, use the left and right arrows in the upper right-hand corner of the webpage.

To copy and transfer data, click on the Papers icon.

To view general Explore and application related notifications, click on the Notifications bell, which will display red when there is a new notification.

View Application Activity

Send a message

Download All Documents

Navigate through Apps

Click to Copy Data

View Notifications

Types of Activity Tracked:

  • Application arrival

  • Uploading of documents by counselor

  • Application status changes

  • Application result selection


Notifications are sent both in Explore and via email for new application submissions and document uploads. You'll also receive daily application summaries by email listing all applications submitted that day.

Sample In-app Explore Notifications

*Notifications in Explore are stored for 30 days.

Sample Email Notifications

New Application Submission

Application Updated

Daily Application Summary Email

*Automatically sent local time at 5PM daily.

Application Results

After your assessment of the student's application data, you may finally choose your application result.

You can select one of the following results:

  • Accepted

  • Denied

  • Conditionally Accepted

  • Academically Qualified

  • Waitlisted

*Only one result may be chosen for an application, however it can be updated an unlimited number of times.

Once a result is chosen, a window will appear to upload any supporting documentation related to the result.

If you choose to Continue without uploading a document, the application status will update to Closed. If you select Cancel, the application status will be updated to Pending Letter. If you upload a document, a successful message banner will appear in green above the application and the Status will update to Closed.

Deposit Status

Once you've received a deposit for the admission, if applicable, you may indicate or track those details by selecting 'Deposit paid' in the application.

*Deposit Status will always be 'Deposit not paid' by default.

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