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When students, guardians & counselors engage with universities on Cialfo (such as through events), they are added to your connections list.

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What is Connections?

The purpose of Explore broadly and Connections specifically is to build a community of people around the world that are interested in engaging with your university.

Students and parents around the world are looking for universities that are the right fit for them. Counselors are trying to understand what your university offers and what kinds of students will be a good fit.

Connections is a list of people in your community broken down into three lists: Students, Guardians & Counselors.

How do I get Connections?

When students, guardians and counselors choose to engage with your university on Cialfo we will record their name and some basic details into your connections list.

Our first type of engagement is participation in Cialfo Events. For example: when you host a session in one of our online fairs, people that register for the session are choosing to engage with your university will appear in your connections list.

We have started with events and will be developing more kinds of engagement over time.

Participate in Cialfo Events to build Connections

Connection List

There are three connections list within Connections. Each list behaves in the same way by showing you a list of people, allowing you to search, filter, download results and view their profiles. Lists:

  • Students: These are students at Cialfo schools, or joining our public events.

  • Guardians: These are guardians and parents of students on Cialfo.

  • Counselors: These are college and career guidance counselors at Cialfo schools.

Searching & Filtering Connections: You can search for specific connections by name. We also enable filtering connections by: Country, Gender, Graduation Year & Event.

Downloading Connections: You can download a spreadsheet of your connections. You can choose which connections to download by changing the search filters. the list you see is the list you download.

Connection Profile

The Connection Profile is a sidebar that you can open by clicking on any of your connections. It includes basic information including their name, email address, gender, school, class year, etc.

We also show the events they participated in "Source".

Privacy Policy

Cialfo is compliant with data privacy requirements in multiple jurisdictions including GDPR compliance in the EU. https://explore.cialfo.co/privacy-policy

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