Glossary of Terms

Terms used in Cialfo and what they mean!

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Scattergram: Cialfo Network Data

When turned on, this allows you to view your school's scattergram data alongside others from Cialfo's own network of schools based on a 4.0 GPA scale. All data included in the network is anonymous and the visibility settings can be adjusted.



A student typically adds a school into their Longlist when they are interested in pursuing their studies at that school, and to bookmark it for further research and consideration.


A Shortlist contains schools that the student is both interested in and likely to submit an application to the school. These can be schools that have been moved from the student's Longlist to the Shortlist, or directly added to the Shortlist.


The post-secondary outcome of a student after they have graduated or has left the school, for instance, taking a Gap Year or pursuing an Apprenticeship.

Student Profile

Estimated GPA

This is a system-calculated Grade Point Average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale, based on the curriculum selected and the grade obtained per subject on the student's Grades page.

School GPA

Cialfo's School GPA has a flexible range that can accommodate various GPA scales, for instance, a 2.5 scale or even a 100-point scale. Depending on what scale your school uses, set up the range of values of your School GPA in Account - Configuration.

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