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Likelihood & College Fit Calculator
Likelihood & College Fit Calculator
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Cialfo offers two opportunities for students and counselors researching schools to state the Likelihood of a possible acceptance into a university. One way is a Cialfo generated algorithm called the College Fit Calculator and other is Counselor Recommendation of Likelihood.

The College Fit Calculator (CFC) is an in-built algorithm that categorizes top US colleges based off a number of popular majors into Reach, Target, Likely categories. The algorithm takes into account a combination of factors, which includes School grades, SAT/ACT test scores, and the student’s Extra Curricular Activities profile. The CFC estimate function serves to only assist the students in sorting out the school list and look for their best-fit colleges. The function activates after selecting a major (Closest to what you are looking for) and clicking on the Estimate button. You may find the CFC under Schools > Preferences.

The two likelihoods can be compared side by side by enabling the Likelihood option under the Columns preferences. The likelihood generated by the algorithm will be listed with Cialfo and the likelihood recommended by counselor will be listed with Counselor.

In addition, Likelihood can be determine in approximately 250 schools in the US and UK and mainly reserved for top ranked schools.

If you do not see the Likelihood estimate, it may have been switched off by your counselor.

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