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Requesting Letters of Recommendation
Requesting Letters of Recommendation

How to request LORs from your teachers as a student.

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Colleges and universities may require letters of recommendation to support an application.

Here is a step by step guide along with a video on how to do that on Cialfo!

Step 1: Go to Applications Section

Make your way to the Applications section at the side menu and click on "Request LOR".

Step 2: Select the Request LOR button

Click on the Request LOR button at the top of your screen. 

Step 3: Choose the teacher you want to request a letter from and if applicable, answer the Survey questions or upload a file

After you've clicked the "Request LOR" button, a sidebar to your right will appear. Click "Add Recommenders". Here, you can either type the name of the person you want to request from or scroll through the list. 

If your counselor has added Survey questions for you to answer, you can view that in the blue portion. You can indicate your answer in the text box below Survey. You may also upload a document/link a Google file to share with your teacher if you choose to do so.

Note: If a teacher is not on the list of recommenders, please reach out to your counselor to see if they need to be added.

Step 4: You're done! Submit your Letter of Recommendation request

Once you have selected the recommender and written a response to the Survey (if applicable), you can now send the request by clicking the "Send Request" button.

Help! The Request LOR button is not on my Recommendations page!

If the Request LOR button is missing for you, that means your school has decided to turned off the ability to request LORs directly on Cialfo. Please approach your counselor on the steps to take if you wish to request for a recommendation letter.

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