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How to Add/Edit/Delete test scores
How to Add/Edit/Delete test scores

Note: Your school might not have this feature enabled for students. Please speak with your counselor if you are unable to use this feature.

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  1. On the Home Page, click on their profile picture at the top right corner and click on Profile:

2.Scroll down to the bottom and navigate to the 'Tests' section. To add new test scores, click on '+Add'. You can add your test scores either through the '+Add' button near the Tests section or from the box as shown in the screenshot.

3. Select the test from the drop-down box that you have taken. Next, use the Calendar tool to select your correct test date. Click the arrows on the calendar to switch between years.

3. Fill in your required test scores in the fields provided.

4. Enter your valid Registration ID/College Board ID. Click on 'Add Test' and the test scores will be saved.

5. To edit or delete your test scores, click on the 'Edit information' option. After making the required changes do not forget to click on 'Save changes'.

6. If you want to delete the test score, click on the 'Delete' option on the bottom left.

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