Click on 'Schools' on the left menu. 

Once in the Schools section, you will be able to see all the schools under the regions you've selected previously in your Profile. 

If you want to focus on a specific region, select 'Region' and select the country you want to highlight.

Note that if a region you are interested in is not listed beside 'Regions', you should go to your 'Profile' > click 'Application' > Scroll down to 'Application Regions' > tick the boxes beside the regions you are interested in.  

To select a university to move to a list, click on 'Add' found on the right of each university. A blue button which says 'Shortlist', 'Longlist', 'Applying' will pop-up. Now, click on 'Shortlist'. This will move that university into your personalized shortlist.  

To view your the different lists, you can either:

  1. Select the desired list on the List section found above the schools

2. Go to your Dashboard (at left hand menu) and scroll down until you see 'Schools'. 

Note: Depending on your school's account settings set up by your counselor/school, you might not be able to add schools to certain lists. Please discuss with your counselor if you're unable to add schools to a desired list - they might just want to have a discussion with you first and work together to see what schools you will be applying to. :)

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