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Submitting your Direct Apply application for review
Submitting your Direct Apply application for review
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Schools are now able to add an additional step to the Direct Apply process. If your school has opted into the review process, students will be able to see the options for submitting an application for counselor review below.

How it works

After you have added your program of choice, head to Applications tab at the side menu and click on "Complete application" under Direct Apply section.

In the Direct Apply tab, you will be able to fill in the Direct Apply application form. Once completed, clicking on 'Review and Submit' will bring you to the review page to check through all the details.

After you have review your application details, click on "Submit for Counselor Review" will prompt your counselor to review your application before it is sent to Cialfo and the universities.

Upon clicking on the button, you will see a pop-up labeled Terms and Conditions. This will require your signature before proceeding to the next step.

Once signed, you will see note stating that this application is pending for counselor review.

The Review Stage

A breakdown of all of your applications and their statuses are available in your Applications page. This consists of three statuses: Revision Required, Pending Counselor Review and Approved and Submit

While your application is being reviewed by your counselor, your applications will have the 'Pending Review' tag in the Direct Apply tab. This means that you have submitted the item for review, and the counselor has not yet made a decision.

Review Response(s): Revision Required

If the counselor has determined that your application requires revision, you will receive an email notification stating that your application requires revision.

To review your application, click on 'Revise Application' and you should be directed to your application form. You will also see notes that your counselor has included for revision on the top of the page. Once you have reviewed the sections as suggested by your counselor, click on 'Submit for Review' on the bottom-right corner.

There will be a confirmation pop-up. Simply click on 'Submit to Counselor' when you are ready before moving onto the next step.

Once this has been submitted, it will go back to the 'Pending Counselor Review' status.

Review Responses: Approve and Submit

If your counselor has decided that your application is good to go, they will Approve and Submit it to Cialfo and the universities. You will then receive an email notification informing you of the submission. You will also see an 'Approved' tag on your Direct Apply application.

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