Some student may have trouble finding the Request for Letter of Recommendation (LoR) button on their Recommendation tab. Here's how you can check and help the student:

1) Students to link their Common App accounts with Cialfo

In order for documents (such as LoR) to be sent for a student from Cialfo to colleges and universities that accept the Common App, a student’s Cialfo account must be linked to their Common App account. Click here to learn more.

*Please note that students should not request recommendations directly via Common App.

2) Check the settings for LoR in Configuration page

  • Make sure that the toggle is on for student to request recommendations

  • Set the limit for amount of teacher students can request recommendation from

    *If student had already request for number of maximum letters set by the limit, the LoR button will no longer appear in their Recommendation tab.

3) Check the application year of student

  • Make sure the application year is 2022, so that it reflects that student is in current application cycle.

Once all the above has been checked and updated, student should be able to view and click on the LoR button in their Recommendation tab. Click here to see how student can request for letter of recommendation.

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