For students looking to apply to universities in the United Kingdom through Direct Apply on Cialfo, read this for an instructional guide on how to add programs to your Applying List, complete the required Application Form, and submit your application.

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  1. Adding a UCAS Program on Direct Apply

  2. Personal Details

  3. Contact and Residency Details

  4. Nationality Details

  5. Supporting Information

  6. English Language Skills

  7. Finance and Funding

  8. Diversity & More about you

  9. Education

  10. Employment

  11. Personal Statement

  12. Reference

  13. Guardian

Adding a UCAS Program on Direct Apply

Application Form - Personal Details

Application Form - Contact and Residency Details

Application Form - Nationality Details

Application Form - Supporting Information

Application Form - English Language Skills

Application Form - Finance and Funding

Application Form - Diversity & More about you

Application Form - Education

Application Form - Employment

Application Form - Personal Statement

Application Form - Reference

Application Form - Guardian

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