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How are Grades information useful?
How are Grades information useful?

In this article, we go over where GPA data goes after an update or upload. Read on to find out more!

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Cialfo supports multiple GPA types for schools and students that use more than one type of GPA to track student grades.

I've uploaded my GPAs! Now what?

Depending on whether the GPA data uploaded for students is Unweighted, Weighted, or School GPA, you will see GPAs populating in different parts of the platform. Counselors benefit from understanding exactly where the GPAs show and how they are used in university applications, so here a few places it populates.

Student Profile

All grades will populate in the 'Grades' section of the student profile. You may access it by clicking on the specific Student's Name > 'Profile' > Scroll down to 'Grades'

Student List

In addition to that, using the 'Column' function in Students list can also provide you with a quick snapshot of all of the students and their GPAs at a glance. To do this, select Columns > Scroll down to find 'School GPA', 'Unweighted GPA' and/or 'GPA' > Select the checkbox beside the desired options > Click 'Update Order' and the data should populate on your Student List.


On cDocs, School GPA will be populated in Common App School Report under 'Cumulative GPA'. You can always make any changes under the Cumulative GPA field.


In Scattergrams, you will also see options on how your school's GPA compares against other data within the Cialfo Network (if Cialfo Network Data is turned on). Please note that if the minimum number of data points configured is not met, the data will not show. Minimum data point configurations can be made by counselor administrators, and Scattergram graphs may look different for student and guardian accounts depending on permission configurations set by the counselor administrator.

  • Reports

You will also be able to access this data via reports. The table below shows an overview of which data is available in a particular report on Cialfo Reports.

Applications - Insights

Average Unweighted GPA, Average Weighted GPA, Average School GPA

Applications - Report

Indiv. Unweighted GPA, Indiv. Weighted GPA, Indiv. School GPA

Matriculations - Insights

Average Matriculated GPA (4.0), Average Matriculated GPA (5.0), Average School GPA

Matriculations - Report

Indiv. Unweighted GPA, Indiv. Weighted GPA, Indiv. School GPA

Student Data - Report

Indiv. Unweighted GPA, Indiv. Weighted GPA, Indiv. School GPA

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