You can now send in applications through UCAS on Direct Apply! But what is UCAS on Direct Apply you ask? With UCAS on Direct Apply, students can apply to 293 UCAS universities via the Cialfo platform itself. But wait, that’s not all! Students can now benefit from application fee waivers, scholarships, visa service fee waivers, and free personalized guidance by Student Education Advisors throughout their enrolment journey.

Check out this on-demand webinar to find out more!

  • Introduction to UCAS Application Management on Cialfo - 00:00min

  • How will students apply to the UCAS universities through Cialfo (demo)- 08:55min

  • Document management & sending (demo) - 16:40min

  • Direct Apply Scholarships and benefits - 19:32min

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For quick FAQs on UCAS on Direct Apply can be found here. If you are interested in using UCAS on Direct Apply, please reach out to your Client Experience Manager.

This help article is written for counselors who want to learn more about being able to view, track, and manage all of their students' UCAS applications on Cialfo.

Note: if your school has a Buzzword and you are already using it for a particular application on UCAS, you cannot send the UCAS application on Cialfo.

How to activate UCAS on Direct Apply

  1. Go to Configurations > cDocs Preferences

  2. Turn on Direct Apply (if it's not already turned on)

  3. Submit this form to request activation of UCAS on Direct Apply or you can select "Request form to process UCAS applications on Cialfo" as seen below.

Why should my school use UCAS on Direct Apply?

  1. One platform to manage all applications

  2. Reduce bias of external agents and obtain counseling support from Cialfo's Student Education Advisors (SEAs)

  3. Eliminate the need for applying for my own Buzzword

  4. Automatically qualifying for application fee waivers and scholarships for select programs and universities

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