In your university/college search process, you may use the Longlist, Shortlist, and Applying to categorize universities based on your interests and needs to apply to them through Cialfo's Applications List.

A quick round-up of terms (these definitions may differ based on your school):

  1. Longlist: this list is typically a "dream" list of all schools a student is interested in. This can be used to bookmark them for further research and consideration.

  2. Shortlist: this list contains schools that a student is both interested in and likely to submit an application to the school. These can be schools that have been moved from the student's Longlist to the Shortlist, or directly added to the Shortlist.

  3. Applying: just like the name suggests - this list will contain the schools that the student will be actually submitting applications to.

Getting There

  1. You have 2 options to add universities to any of your lists - either through Student Dashboard or Universities Search.

Once you've added universities, click on "Applications" on the left-hand menu.

If there are no schools added to any list yet, not to worry! Simply select "Explore Universities" and you will be led to the Universities Search Page!

Applications List

Now that you've added your lists - let's break it down further on what you can do:

You can drag and drop universities between lists once you've decided to move them up (or down!) between the different lists

  1. Prioritize the schools - you can also drag universities within the same list to let the user know the priority that the university stands in that particular list. Drag the square icon to the left of the university name to move between different lists.

  2. By clicking on the "Edit Button", you'll be able to edit or remove the university from that list

  3. Selecting the university name itself will allow you to read the information Cialfo has on the university to contribute to your decision and college application decision-making.

  4. Want to quickly add a university to a list? Use the "+ Add University" button and type the name of the university you'd like to add!

Note: Depending on your school's Configuration, students may not be able to freely move universities into their Applying list. If you are unable to do so, please contact your counselor.

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