How will a Student Education Advisor help students?

Student Education Advisor will guide students to choose suitable options for Universities across the world and give full support from submitting applications till their visa.

What is the student enrolment journey?

There are 4 stages in the student enrolment journey -

Stage 1: Application - Build your profile and fill out the application form

Stage 2: Offer and acceptance - After receiving offer from university, fulfil your requirement for Letter of Acceptance

Stage 3: Visa Support - Prepare you document for your visa.

Stage 4: Pre-Departure - After visa prepare your bags for arrival to your chosen destination

Steps of Application Direct apply?

Direct apply has 5 simple steps.

  1. Add Program.

  2. Fill out the application form.

  3. Complete additional requirements

  4. Submit Application

  5. Pay Application fee

What are the Matriculation dates?

Matriculation dates are the start date of the University.

How do I find out about the universities in specific countries?.

Please click here to find out!

What is Direct Apply and what are the programs available?

Direct Apply connects international students directly to universities, reducing complicated application processes to one simple flow.

Programs - We offer Direct Entry Program, Pre-Sessional English, Foundation Program, and International Year One Program for more information please click here to find out more

How will I get to know if I am eligible for the particular program?

Before you apply, please look into the entry requirements of the intended program such as age requirements for the course. If you have any queries you can reach out to us at [email protected]

What would be the cost of the entire course?

It depends on the destination which you decided to study, here is the table below


Tuition Fee USD

Living Expenses USD

Total USD


Chinese Yuan



















**Actual amounts may vary

Are there any internships available?

Internship availability depends on the courses taken. Students can reach out for career services on campus for more information.

How many applications can students apply on the Direct Apply platform?

Unlimited, there is no limit you can apply as much as you want but we recommend you apply not more than 8 applications.

Do universities in Direct Apply have a refund policy?

Depends on the university.

What requirements do I need to fulfil?

Your age, transcripts, LOR’s, English language test results.

Are there any scholarships available?

Yes, please reach out to your Student Education Advisor for more information or email us at [email protected]

When should I start planning to apply to universities abroad?

Your planning should be done when you are in grade 11. You can start applying when you enter grade 12.

What qualifications are required to study abroad undergraduate?

The minimum requirement is grade 12 and your English language test results.

What type of tests should I take to study abroad?

There are several tests you can take. Some of them are IELTS, TOFEL, PTE, SAT, Duo-lingo Ect

What’s the importance of the Statement of purpose and LOR?

Statement of purpose is your personal statement and you can mention your interest to study abroad.

LOR is a letter of recommendation which is required from your school, teacher/counsellor.

Which's the best intake to study abroad?

All intakes are great. We have a good influx of students throughout the year,

What if I get rejected?

Don't worry our student education advisor will guide you for better fit options.

Do UK universities offer ICAS?

Yes, some universities offer ICAS.

Can students get an English Test Waiver?

Yes, Some particular courses can waive off the English test requirements but it is advised to take it regardless for visa purposes.

Do Student Education Advisors help in booking accommodations?

No, But they can guide you to it.

Are studies in Hybrid mode these days?

Yes, With COVID 19 restriction in place classes are mostly held online, and when possible smaller class sizes can be held in person.

Can students apply with their predicted scores?

Yes, they can.

Can students apply for the January 2022 intake?

Yes, they can.

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