The University Browse is a feature that provides counselors and their community a carousel-like experience when searching for universities and colleges. This is a great stepping stone for students as they begin their school search. It provides a better user experience while allowing the user to find the information they need.

How to use University Browse?


University Browse is found under the student's School portion in their profile

Searching & Adding Schools

Searching for schools is made easy - you can either type in the search bar or use Tags to filter for a specific set of schools. Selecting "Search Universities" and using the Search bar, you will be led to the "Search & Lists" (see more here).

  1. Universities will appear based on applications submitted.

  2. Filter through the university cards to see the different schools.

  3. To see the profile of the university, simply click "View Profile".

  4. To add a school to any of the School Lists, click "Add to List".

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