Your students have submitted their Applications, now what?

No more following up with students to let the Counselors know what their application status and results are! Once the students have submitted the applications through Direct Apply, the Counselor will also be able to view the different types of status & result of those applications in the Submitted table as below.

Let's quickly look at what all columns mean.

Programs : This column lists the applications submitted by the student.

Status: This column shows you the different statuses as student's application is at. It could be Submitted, Reviewing and Closed.

Result: The Result of a student's applications can range from Accepted, Denied, Conditionally accepted, Academically qualified, or Waitlisted.

Documents: The documents that are uploaded by the university for a student to download will be found under the documents column under the submitted section. When the Counselor clicks on the blue document link they will be directed to download documents specific to that program.

Actions: This is to add any additional documents that the University will request from the student. The student will click on the up arrow button located underneath the actions column.

How can a student withdraw an application and also undo any withdrawal?

To withdraw an application, click on the minus sign in the circle to the right of the application. It is located in the Actions column

Upon clicking the button, a pop up will appear. Click on the Withdraw application in the pop-up and the application will be withdrawn and indicated with a red withdrawn button

If the student wish to undo their withdrawal, they need to click on the reload sign in the Actions column.

Next, in the pop-up, click on Undo withdrawal

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