Direct apply programs are found in the university search function. There are filters and columns readily available to help you customize your search.

Where to find Direct Apply Colleges, Filters, and Columns

To get started with Direct Apply college search, head to Universities tab from the left-hand side menu.

You can start your school search by either typing the name of the college in the Search box, by adding the Courses & Majors you are interested in, or both.

Direct apply filter:

If you are specifically looking to search for the Direct Apply programs, you can click on Direct Apply filter. You can include multiple type of programs too.

Once you have added all the relevant filters, you will see a list of colleges that meet your criteria.

Search University in specific countries

You can click on the Region filter and selected the desired university location and state.

There are many more other filters that you can use to find the desired university of your choice.

Navigating within a College's profile

To dive deeper into your college search, click on the name of the college and full-page university profile will appear.

This screen will have 4 tabs, namely -

  1. Profile

  2. Courses

  3. Student Life

  4. Student Data

These 4 tabs includes details of what the College has to offer. You can find information like deadlines, upcoming college visits and sessions, costs, essay prompts, and also the programs this college offers. You can also add this college straight to your Applying, Shortlist or Longlist.

To access the complete list of Direct Apply programs, click on the Direct Apply tab:

In the Direct Apply tab, you will find information about all the Direct Apply courses offered by that College. You can use the search bar to input the courses and majors you are looking for.

Adding Applications

Once you are done with your research, it's now time to add your application for the program of your choice. You can add an application using the Add Application button present next to each program:

The Add Application button will turn into "Complete" upon clicking and will be available to view in the Direct Apply tab on the left-hand side menu

Viewing all added applications

After you have added one or several applications you can head to the Direct Apply tab from the left-hand side menu to view all your added applications.

Here you will see a Not Submitted applications table. This table has a list of all programs you are applying for along with additional requirements, fees, and deadlines.

Deleting Applications

If there is a program in your added applications list that you wish to not apply to, you can delete using the bin icon.

Upon clicking the bin icon, a pop up will appear. Click on Confirm and the application will be deleted and removed from your Not Submitted table

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