We've documented some commonly encountered issues by Cialfo cDocs users. For additional questions or support, please contact us via Chat at Cialfo.

Updated as of the week of November 11, 2020.

1. RESOLVED Issue: COUNSELOR is prevented from sending Counselor Recommendation even after opting to omit the Letter of Recommendation

Previously, Cialfo threw an error preventing the counselor from sending the CA Counselor Recommendation form if the "I will not be sending a written evaluation for this student" is ticked and a Letter of Recommendation - Counselor was not uploaded. Now, you may submit the Counselor Recommendation without including the Letter of Recommendation upload, however, you will see a warning displayed reminding you of the selection you made in the form prior to submission.

2. RESOLVED Issue: COUNSELOR and STUDENT prevented from editing round and deadline on Schools > Applications page.

Previously, when the cDocs configuration of "Sync CA round & deadline to student's applications" was turned on and subsequently turned off after, counselors and students were unable to select the Round and Deadline of the student's applications.

This has since been resolved - counselors and students may now select and edit the round and deadline once the configuration has been turned off.

3. RESOLVED Issue: Teacher receiving cDocs error email when document is unable to be sent

There was an issue across a few clients wherein the teacher was receiving an email when a document was unable to be sent successfully. This has since been addressed and all error emails will be going to the person who clicks "Send" instead (either the Counselor or Counselor Admin).

4. RESOLVED Issue: COUNSELOR or STUDENT is notified by a college that on Common App, the College sees an ED agreement without a timestamp and/or signature even if it was signed on Cialfo.

Common App has confirmed that this was an issue on their end. They have notified all colleges on Common App of this, where colleges may be receiving ED agreements without a timestamp. The colleges have been informed that when receiving this document, it has been signed appropriately by the counselor. This should not affect the student's application.

5. Issue: COUNSELOR sees inaccurate Common App round & deadline data in cDocs

If the Cialfo school account configuration is turned on but the Submissions tab under a student's cDocs is not showing the accurate deadline from Common App (CA), then it is likely that the student's Application Year is set incorrectly. Either the counselor or the student should set Application Year field to Enrollment Year -1 (example: the student's Enrollment Year is 2021, therefore, the Application Year should be set to 2020) to correct this issue.

6. Issue: COUNSELOR is unable to send CA Teacher Evaluation due to phone number format requirement

Common App requires all recommenders to have a valid phone number. As a counselor admin, you may update any teacher's phone number through the Teams area. Alternatively, a teacher can log into his/her Cialfo account and update the phone number in his/her My Settings area.

If phone number field is blank, then Cialfo takes the number indicated in cDocs > School Information. However, if the teacher's number is not a valid one (including the specific country code), Cialfo will display an error and prevent the submission to accommodate for Common App's phone number requirement.

7. Issue: STUDENT is unable to request letter of recommendation (LOR button is disabled)

If your student cannot request letters of recommendation (LORs) it may be one of two reasons. Either:

  • A limit has been set for the number of recommendation letters a student can request (find this in your Configuration > cDocs Preferences) and the student has already maxed out that limit.

  • Or, the student does not have Enable Sending activated. You may enable sending for the student by selecting them on cDocs and clicking "Enable Sending".

8. Issue: COUNSELOR cannot see student's current year courses

In Common App School Report, counselors are asked if current courses are listed on the transcript. If you answer yes, no further action is required. If you answer no, you have the opportunity to upload a current year course work file in the Common App School Report in Cialfo.

If you have chosen to upload this file, you'll notice that, unlike other documents like the School Profile or Transcript, you cannot view the course work document you have just uploaded. This is a known bug within Cialfo and we are currently working to display the uploaded file in the Submission tab by way of confirmation.

9. Issue: COUNSELOR is prevented from sending Teacher Recommendation letter and Counselor Recommendation letter due to the error "phone number should have 10 digits"

Common App has a restriction wherein they require users to have a valid phone number. When this error is seen, update the user's phone number to a valid phone number either in Team settings or in the user's "My Settings". You may also indicate your school's phone number in lieu of the user's number.

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