Cialfo is a holistic University application platform that aims to help students with A-Z of their applications journey. A crucial part of this journey is University research. As a guardian, you can support your child's University research process from your fair account.

A fair account allows you to independently research, register, and join Cialfo online university fairs from the comfort of your home!

So here's how you can get started.

Signing Up

Cialfo houses all Online University Fairs on

Apart from Online University Fairs, Cialfo also facilitates regional bespoke fairs. Some examples are Singapore Lion City Fair, Greater Bangkok Fair, South Korea Fair, Mexico Fair, Macau Fair, to name a few.

These bespoke fairs are available based on your location. If your child's school used Cialfo, you could click on the cialfo URL to log in as a Guardian. Your child or your child's counselor can help you with the school's Cialfo URL. Once you log in, you will access the bespoke fairs along with Cialfo Online University fairs.

If you cannot find the URL or if your child is not in a Cialfo school, you can sign-in as per below.

  1. Click on the Sign-in page from

2. From the Sign-in page, click on Create an account

3. On this screen, you can use the search bar to type the name of your child's school. If you find the school, click on it to continue. If you can't find the school, don't worry, you can add it by following the instructions on the screen :)

4. On the next page, you can create your account by filling your First name, Last name, Email, Password. You have to then identify yourself as a Student/guardian/counselor. Next, check the T&C box followed by Register

5. Now, head to your registered mailbox to verify your account.

6. Now you are good to go! Click on the Sign In button, and you will be diverted to the Sign-in page

7. Enter your sign-in details. In the next screen, enter your details and click on the Events tab to access all events

Browsing sessions

You can find all sessions under the Events tab.

In the Cialfo events session, there are different fairs that you can explore. These are Cialfo Online University Fairs and Bespoke fairs.

To explore sessions from each fair, click on the See all Sessions button. You can use different filters or search sessions by themes. If you click on the University, you can find more about the University, take a virtual tour, get to know the presenter.

You can also check out the past session recordings by clicking the green Watch Recording button.

Registering and joining sessions

You can register for sessions with one click Register button.

All registered sessions will appear in the My Sessions tab present in the top horizontal menu. You can also Cancel your registration from here.

All live sessions will be highlighted with a purple border. To join a session, click on the Join button, and you will be directed to the webinars/virtual booth.

What happens in Virtual Booth?

A virtual booth is a format where you can directly have a 1:1 private interaction with the Admission Officers of participating universities. You can click on the Join button from Cialfo when the booth is live to enter or wait in the waiting room for your turn.

You will be let in the virtual booth during your turn. After your session with the Officer, you can jump off and move to the next virtual booth from your Cialfo platform.

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