Cialfo events are university fairs organized by Cialfo. There are mainly 2 types: Bespoke fairs and Online University fairs. Cialfo users can browse different sessions from each event, directly from their account and can register by simply clicking on the register button.

NOTE: Events date and time are as per the user's local timezone.

Cialfo Events

How to find Cialfo events & sessions?

  1. Click on Events in the navigation bar and then you will see the Events page

There are three tabs that show Events:

(1) Current: This will only list events that are currently in progress.

(2) Upcoming: This will only list upcoming events.

(3) Past: This will only list past events.

NOTE: If there is an upcoming regional bespoke fair, it will also be listed here in the Events tab.

2. Click on See all sessions to go to Events specific page, where all sessions from the events will be listed

You can only go back by clicking "←" the arrow above the search bar)

3. Start typing in the search bar to see a list of search results. (must click on "x" to close this screen)

4. Click on any session card to go to the university profile page where all sessions from that University will be listed.

What are the suggested sessions?

If any university from the student's list is participating in any specific events, the student will see the suggested sessions carousel on events specific page after trending sessions. This will list all the sessions from universities from student's lists with status (longlist, shortlist, applying).

How to register for the sessions that I am interested in?

You can register for any session you are interested in by clicking the "Register" button in any of the following pages:

  • the session card with the Register button under Trending sessions

  • The search result with the Register button

  • When you click on any session card or a search result, they will see the Register button from the sidebar of the college profile.

My Sessions

Where can I see my registered sessions?

You can click on My Sessions from the sidebar to see all your registered sessions.

Once you have signed up for the sessions, you will be notified via 2 emails before the session starts:

  • 24 hours prior

  • 10 minutes prior

Attending the session you registered for

When any session is live, there will be a purple frame on the session card with Join now button. You can click on it to join the session.

Accessing the recordings of the session

When the session is over, the recording will be available with the Watch Recording button (if the recording is available). And it will be available for 60 days.

How to cancel the registration?

  • You can click on Delete / Cancel icon from the College profile sidebar to cancel your registration

  • You also can cancel your registration form My Sessions by clicking on the Delete / Cancel icon

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