Working with Unconfirmed Students

  • With Access, it is easy for students to join your school. They can either create an account by clicking on the Sign-Up link on the Sign In page or by going to the /signup URL for their school. For example:

  • Once a student has joined the platform, they will appear in your Unconfirmed Students List.

  • Unconfirmed Students can do anything Activated Students can.

  • We separate Unconfirmed Students from Activated Students, so it is easy to identify which students you want on the platform and which joined by mistake.

  • Students in the Unconfirmed List can easily be activated or deactivated.

How to Activate Unconfirmed Students

  • There are two ways to activate a student, which moves them from the Unconfirmed Student List to the Active Student List.

Activating Individual Students

  • Firstly, if you hover over an individual student in the Unconfirmed Student List, you will see an option to "Activate" this student.

  • Clicking this will open a pop-up. If the counselor clicks OK in the pop-up, the student will activate and move into the Active Column.

Bulk Activating Students

  • You can also use our Bulk Actions to activate one or more Unconfirmed Students at the same time.

  • Step 1: Select one or more students in the Unconfirmed Students list, using the checkboxes next to the students; name or the Select All Checkbox above the student list.

  • Step 2: Inside the Bulk Actions drop down, select Activate Students

  • Step 3: Click Apply to activate the selected students.

How to Deactivate Unconfirmed Students

  • To deactivate an Unconfirmed Student use our Bulk Actions.

  • This will move any students from the Unconfirmed List to the Deactivated List.

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