Introduction cDocs course on Cialfo Community

Are you using cDocs for the first time or are you simply looking for a refresher on the entire cDocs process? Look no further! We have prepared an entire course on our Cialfo Community* that will walk you through step by step on setting up your school for success this application season 2021/22.

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Additionally, you may refer to these comprehensive compilations of Help Articles that will guide you through the entire application process on cDocs.

Webinar Recording on Setting up for Success: Application Season 2021

Cialfo facilitated cDocs webinars weekly from August to October 2021 on how to set up your school and support your students throughout their application process. In this session, learn how to:

  • Set up your cDocs account and configurations

  • Streamline your students’ application process through Cialfo

  • Apply to universities directly through Cialfo

  • Manage document sending through cDocs

  • Get support from Cialfo throughout this application cycle

To view the recording, click here and you will be redirected to Cialfo Community*.

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