Back to School Checklist - 2020/2021
Welcome Back to School 2020-2021
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Welcome back to school!

We've put together a quick checklist to assist counselors in updating their Cialfo platform for the start of a new school year. Follow along with each checkbox listed below to make sure you are ready for another exciting year!

Cialfo's new look! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cialfo has modernized and updated our user experience (UX) - giving you an excellent new look and better user experience! Don't worry, if you like the older version better, no problem, and you still have access to it. But, give the new user experience a spin!

Update your Settings and Notifications

Take a few moments and update your personal Cialfo Settings and Notifications. Is it time to update your password or link your calendar?

Review Account Configurations

The start of a new school year is an excellent opportunity to review your Account Configurations. Take a few moments, review this article, and make sure your school's Cialfo settings are set.

Rolling Students Over for the New Year

Moving students up a grade level is simple and easy in Cialfo. Go to the upper right corner menu and select 'Configuration'. Scroll down to Set Current Grades and press +1. Rename the impacted graduation years and press Update All Students.

Deactivate Departing & Graduated Students

For students who've left your school including graduates, counselors will want to deactivate those students. For data reporting (class profiles, etc.), some schools do not wish departing students included in any data reporting type. If you do not want students included in reports, the counselor needs to tick Did Not Graduate in the student's profile before deactivating.

Update your counseling team

Add new staff and Deactivate Team members who have departed your school.

Add New Students to Platform

You can add students one by one Help Article or bulk upload a bunch! Help Article

Assign Counselors to Students

You may need to reassign students to a new counselor who is joining your staff

Help Article) or if a student is new to your platform, you will want to assign them a counselor. (Help Article)

Upload Guardians

Do you have Guardians using the platform? Now is a great time to upload and update Guardians. Help Article. When you are ready, don't forget to send registration emails to new Guardians on Cialfo. Help Article

Update your School Profile

The ease of downloading Cialfo Reports makes building your School Profile a breeze. Download your reports and use this article to construct your updated school profile.

Set Up Explore

Explore by Cialfo helps counselors save time and connects high schools to a network of college representatives. This year, with many university reps limiting travel, connecting via Explore, and setting up virtual visits, maybe the key to students meeting colleges. Here is everything you need to know about Explore!

Brush up on your Groups

Be sure to review and update students assigned to Groups. Remember, you can create as many different groups as you like. Building groups help with targeted Broadcast messages and assigning Tasks to keep students on track.

Create and Update Tasks

Get your students off on the right foot with updated or newly created Tasks. Here's how you can create and update Tasks for the next grade levels.

Attend cDoc Training

During August and September, Cialfo will host weekly webinars introducing cDocs and reviewing updates to cDocs. Be sure to check out cDoc specific Help Articles here for quick access information.

Send a Welcome Broadcast

Make the most of Broadcast and send a welcome email to students and guardians with Back to School information.

Plan a Student Launch/Refresher

It is always a good idea to do a quick refresher for students or maybe a student launch for the new joiners

Download the Cialfo Mobile App

Download the cool mobile app for Cialfo ๐Ÿ˜Ž Looking for Cialfo's Mobile App? What can I do on it? How do I use it?

Update Application Decisions

Updating and finalizing application decisions from the last cycle is an essential task for counselors. Cialfo lets you track your historical data on Cialfo, build scattergram information for your school, and generate reports used to create your school profile/end of year reports.

Uploading Important Data to Cialfo

Update GPA's - Help Article

Upload Test Scores like SAT/ACT - Uploading test scores for students - SAT/PSAT/ACT/IELTS/TOEFL, etc. - Help Article.

Contact your CSM for a quick meeting

Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to schedule a quick meeting to brush up things to get you started for the new academic session ๐Ÿ™‚ Always happy to help!

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