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Cialfo Access (Students): Downloading and Using the Cialfo Mobile App
Cialfo Access (Students): Downloading and Using the Cialfo Mobile App

Cialfo Mobile App for students

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Cialfo's Mobile App is available for both iOS or Android users.

The Cialfo Mobile App allows students to:

  1. View your Dashboard

  2. Sign up for College Visits

  3. Manage scheduled meetings with your Counselor

  4. Chat with your Counselor through Inbox

  5. Search for Colleges and Universities

  6. Add to your School Lists

This article covers 4 major points:

  1. How to Login

  2. Overview of your Dashboard

  3. How to research for Colleges and Universities

  4. How to send an instant message to your counselor via Inbox

How to Login

  1. After downloading and opening the app, enter your School's name and search.

  2. After selecting your school, type in the email, and password you use for Cialfo. You must enter the same email and password you use when you log into Cialfo on your computer.

Note: You also have the option of using our Google Single Sign On (SSO) option!

Viewing Your Dashboard

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be led to your Dashboard. The Dashboard shows you the following details:

  1. Quick search- use the bar to research colleges. You have the option to go directly to School Search as well (to be addressed in this article later on!)

2. My Lists - Quickly view colleges in your Applying, Shortlist, and Longlist.

3. College Visit - View any upcoming College Visits and sign up! If there are no upcoming events this section will not be visible.

4. Meetings - View the status of any upcoming Meetings! After you request a meeting, check here to see if your counselor has confirmed or if the request is pending.

How to Use School Search

You can research for universities via your Dashboard by clicking the quick link entitled "Search Colleges" or by selecting the Colleges icon found at the bottom menu bar.

Make sure that you have already selected Application Regions in your profile via your computer (Cialfo Web). Double-check your Application Regions by selecting "Regions".

You can search for colleges by searching for their name in the search bar, or use any of the filters available!

Click on any college to discover more information. This is also where you can add and save a college to a school list*!

*Depending on your school's Cialfo account settings, you may be restricted from adding colleges to your Applying list, Longlist, or Shortlist. If you have trouble with adding a college to any of your lists, please check with your counselor.

Sending Inbox Messages to your Counselor

With the Mobile App, you can quickly send a message to your counselor using the Inbox function!

  1. Click "Inbox" on the top right corner on your Dashboard.

2. You will be led to your Inbox. Any previous messages you have had via Inbox will be found here.

  • If this is your first inbox communication, you can send a chat to your counselor by selecting "New Chat" on the top right corner.

  • Choose your Counselor's Name.

  • Type up your message to your counselor and click send!

We hope you enjoy using the newly designed Cialfo Mobile App! Don't forget to rate us 5 stars on the app store! :)

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