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Cialfo Access: Adding & Managing Extracurricular Activities (Counselor View)
Cialfo Access: Adding & Managing Extracurricular Activities (Counselor View)

Student's can add clubs, internships, jobs, volunteering experiences, certificates, achievements and awards in Cialfo

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Cialfo provides an organized and accessible way for students to document their extracurricular activities in one place. These activities are visible to counselors to help better understand a student's strengths and interests.

Extracurricular activities can gauge the likelihood of acceptance (Shortlisting Algorithm) for students if the setting is turned on in the Account Configuration.

1. Under the 'Students' tab from the main menu on the left, select a student's Profile.

ProTip: When you hover over a name, the quick navigation options appear in blue under the student's name.

2. On the left menu, select Extracurricular Activities > Add Another Activity/Club

3. Fill in the details of your student's involvement in the extracurricular activity.

Note: Fields with a red asterisk are required. To upload documents, click on 'Upload' under the 'Attachments' heading. When you are done filling in the details, click on 'Save' at the bottom right of the page.

4. To edit the details of an extracurricular activity, click on 'Edit'. Always remember to save your changes.

Likewise, to remove an extracurricular activity, click 'Delete'.

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