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Cialfo Access: Add a New Student to Cialfo (Manually not using bulk upload)
Cialfo Access: Add a New Student to Cialfo (Manually not using bulk upload)

How to add an individual new student on Cialfo

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Adding a Student Individually

Here is a short video on how to add students to the platform, send a registration email, and support students who forgot their password.

1. Create a new student

To add a new Student to the Cialfo platform you need to go to the 'Students' page in the left menu bar. Once you are on the Students page, select the blue 'Add Students' > 'Add One Student'.

2. Complete the new student's profile

A sidebar will appear, where you can set up a new student.
Fill in the required fields and add other important profile data (e.g. graduation year, assigned counselor) before clicking 'Save'.

Check the 'Send Registration Email' box if you want your student to receive a registration email and access the platform immediately; Otherwise, leave this checkbox blank for now and send the email later.

Congratulations, you have successfully created a new student!

If you ticked the 'Send Registration Email' box, they will receive an email to activate their account and complete the rest of their profile. If you left this box blank, you will need to trigger this email separately before the student can access their account and begin receiving platform notifications.

Tip: If you want to send out registration emails to more than one student, please refer to this article on bulk actions. If you want to add create and add new students by bulk, please refer to this article here about using uploaders.

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