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Cialfo Access: Adding and Managing Staff Members in Team
Cialfo Access: Adding and Managing Staff Members in Team

Learn how to add new staff to Cialfo

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In Teams, schools can manage staff member accounts. It is important to keep Teams up to date and review roles and access periodically. It is advised to review all settings and Teams at the beginning of the school year or when new members are added.

On many campuses, certain individuals have a hybrid or dual roles. Such as Admin Counselor & Guardian or Counselor & Guardian. It is essential that you upload Guardians before uploading Staff members for dual roles.

2 Ways to Add Team Members

  1. Adding team members in Bulk is done through an Uploader titled - "General - Create Users - Staff." Check out this help article for using Uploader for new users in bulk.

  2. Adding a Team member manually, one by one.

1. Adding a Team Member Manually

Step #1 - In the upper right, click on the chevron and select Team. Once in Team, Click on the blue Add New Member.

Step #2: Complete the required fields

Step #3: Assigning Role

In Cialfo, there are three different roles a staff member can be assigned: Admin Counselor or Non-Admin Counselor.

Important: If you do not select Admin or Teacher, then the role of Non-Admin Counselor will be assigned.

Team member Cialfo accessibility by role.

Admin Counselors can:
- Add team members and manage the assigned role
- Add students
- View all student profiles in the organization
- College Search
- Account Configuration
- Broadcast Messaging
- Inbox Chat

Counselors can:
- View students who are assigned to them
- College Search
- Broadcast Messaging
- Inbox Chat

Registration Emails to Team Members

  • When a team member's profile is individually added in Cialfo, then a registration email is automatically sent to the new team member.

  • If you add team members via the Uploader, then registration emails are not automatically sent.

You have two options for registering new team members.

1) If you are a Google school, the user can go to your school's Cialfo URL and use Google Single Sign-on to register.

2) Within the team section, select all or specific individuals that you would like to send a registration email to, then select bulk actions and send the email!

Here is a sample Registration email:

Cialfo Pro Tip

Emails must be unique. If a staff member is also a parent or guardian of a student at your school, that staff member can either use two unique emails (one for each Cialfo role) or you must upload the guardians before uploading staff members. Please reach out via Chat with Cialfo or directly to your Customer Success Manager if you need support with creating dual roles.

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