The Grades section of Cialfo was created largely to support GPA calculation for those schools who do not calculate a GPA. By entering a students high school courses and grades in this section of the platform, a simple "Estimated GPA" will be calculated and that will enable a student to use the Scattergram features in Cialfo.

To view or edit a student's grades and curriculum, simply click into a Student Name > Profile > Grades. There you will be able to add courses and grades, as well as the associated school and curriculum or grading system, from Grade 9 to 12.

  1. Select 'Students' from the main menu on the left. Click on a student's name whose profile you would like to update/edit/change.

     2.  Click on 'Profile' at the top menu. 

3. Select 'Grades' from the top blue navigation bar. To add/edit your student's grades, click on 'Edit Grade' for the relevant level (i.e. Grade 9,10,11,12). 

4. Select the most appropriate Academic System and number of grading terms.

5. Add Subjects in the fields provided. Then, click on 'Save'. 

6. Add grades for the relevant subjects and terms. To indicate that your student's grades are predicted ones and not official grades, check on the 'Predicted' tick box.

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