Cialfo Access: Deleting a Student

Can students be deleted from Cialfo?

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At Cialfo, we do not provide the option to delete a student account; however, we allow you to deactivate a student's account if it is no longer in use. This will allow you to preserve their data i.e. application history for future references as well as populating your school's Scattergrams.

How to deactivate a student?

To activate, search for the student under the Deactivated tab. Then, click on the (i) beside that student's name in the Student List. This will open up a sidebar on the right. At the bottom of that sidebar, click on the Activate button.

To bulk active students, you may first download the list of students using the Student List and under the Active column, change it from FALSETRUE for those students that you would like to active. Once you have done so, simply upload the same file on the Uploader and the system will update these students from Deactivated to Activated.

If you need help with bulk activating student accounts, please do reach our team through Chat with Cialfo!

Permanent deletion

Users can only be permanently deleted from the platform if a student or family explicitly requests a data purge, which Cialfo will happily comply with to honor data protection laws.

To do so, please reach out to your Client Experience Managers and provide them the following information:

  1. Name and email of the student

  2. Reason for data purge

  3. Supporting document(s) & details such as the state/federal law backing the data purge

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