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Cialfo Access: Guardian Accounts and Contact Information
Cialfo Access: Guardian Accounts and Contact Information

Store parent, guardian, or other contact information for a student. Create parent accounts?

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Guardians can be listed as Contacts in a student's Profile. You can view, add, and edit this information by clicking into a particular student, then hitting Profile > Contacts in the top-level menu. 

You will be able to add an unlimited number of contacts per student, and you can decide whether or not these contacts can...

  1. Access a guardian account, or

  2. Receive notifications about the student's progress. These notifications can be sent by email or SMS, and will contain details on Meetings, Tasks, Notes, Inbox (chat with counselors) and more. 

  1. You can select this button to add additional contacts of the student - from parents, to the appropriate guardians, you can add them all!

  2. This is where you need to input the details of the guardian or student contact. Note that the fields marked with a red asterisk * are mandatory.

  3. If you would like the guardian to have an account and/or receive notifications in Cialfo, tick the appropriate box!

  4. When you have inputted all the necessary details, don't forget to click "Save"!

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