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Cialfo Access: The Application Section of a Student's Profile
Cialfo Access: The Application Section of a Student's Profile

Adding groups, Counselors, degree types, changing application regions, application vs enrolment year and majors and financial aid!

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Application function inside Student-Profiles is where a Counselor makes changes like Degree types, adding groups and Counselors, application rounds and deadlines and adding regions that the students is interested in applying.

To get to the application page, from the Students view page, click on the name of the student you wish to make these changes on. Then click on Profile in the left hand navigation menu followed by Application details.

Assigning Degree Types, Groups and 

Counselor to an individual student

Degree types: You can add or edit the Degree Type by clicking Edit button next to the degree type. You can add following degree types: K-12, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, MD and MBA

Groups: To remove a group assigned to your student, click on the trash icon. Your group will still apply to other students who are assigned to it. However, the student whose profile you are on will no longer be assigned to the group.
To add a new group or edit a current group, click on the blue Add & Edit icon.

Counselors: You can add or edit Counselors here. Click on the Add & Edit button and check next to the Counselor names you would like to assign to your student.
You can also add Counselor Titles here. Say you want a specific Counselor to be your student's essay mentor, you can add it as a title here. Hit Save after you have made necessary changes. 

Application Regions

This is where you select the application regions where you students are applying

Please note: Colleges from only these selected application regions will appear on the student's School-Research page. 

In the Application Regions section, to add or remove a country, check / uncheck tick box beside the name of a country.

Your students' application regions are automatically selected if they are part of the 'Group' you have assigned them to. Note that your students cannot remove regions which are part of their group.

Scroll to the bottom, click on Save 

Application Round 

Students or Counselors can identify the application round and deadline for each application in the Applications section of a student's profile. If students are unable to select a round or deadline on in Applications, verify that the correct Application Year has been selected for the student.

For current grade 12 students (ex: Class of 2020), the application year is typically minus one year (ex: Class of 2020 is Application Year 2019). This can be adjusted by going to the Student's Profile > Application > Application Year.

Is the Application round and deadline missing? Application deadlines can be viewed and added a few different ways in the platform. Visit a student’s Schools page and find their Applications list. There, you or the student can indicate the application round and deadline for all colleges and universities (Common App, Parchment, and Direct).

When you go to a student’s cDocs page and open their sidebar for submissions, you’ll see a list of the colleges they plan to apply to and underneath each college is the Round (ED, EA, RD, etc.). This information pulls from the student’s Application list. 

Majors and Financial Aid

This is where you can store Majors and Financial Aid requirement information of a student for your reference. If you know the student required Financial Aid, simply check the tick box indicating it is required.
Click the Save button to save changes.

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