Cialfo allows counselors to manage a student's individual applications and track information about each application (application round, deadline, flags, results, scholarships, notes, etc.). 

Adding an Application

A student or guardian (if given permission in Account - Configure) can add applications to a student's list. Essentially, Applications is a third list (Longlist, Shortlist, and Applications). Alternatively, a counselor can also add an application in the same way. Once an application is added, information will need to be updated on that application. This article will walk you through the various sections of an application to update.

Access Applications by hovering over the student's name in the Student List page and click on Schools. Alternatively, you can also click on the student's name followed by School and Applications from the left hand navigation menu.

Updating Application Information

Below is an image of an application in the list. We recommend that counselors complete as much information as possible on each application as this will ensure that all other connected features like cDocs, reports, and Scattergrams will be properly populated.

The following data points are available.


This helps identify how the student will be submitting their application (via which application portal: Common App, Coalition, etc.). The student can use the checkbox to indicate when the application is sent. The timestamp at the bottom reflected when the checkbox was last updated.

application submission checkbox

Below submission is a notes field and if a portal is not listed, the counselor can add that in the Notes section. The counselor may also want to include any other helpful information about how the student applied here. The Notes are visible to students.


Counselors may want to track certain characteristics about student applications, hence Application Flags. These are only visible to counselors. In the Application, there is a drop down menu of preset flags to choose from. If a school needs custom flags, these can be created in Account - Configure. Multiple flags can be added per application if necessary.


  • Round (EA, RD, Spring Transfer, etc.)

  • Deadline (this is auto-generated based on your selected Round, but you can manually change the deadline later)

  • Major (pick from a dropdown or add your own major / course)

  • Scholarship currency and amount

  • Result - Now you can do a more comprehensive tracking of your student's applications using the Attending, Waitlisted and Deferred check boxes.

Troubleshooting: Unable to update Application rounds and deadlines

If you are unable to add or edit the application round here, it's quite likely that due to an account configuration, student's rounds and deadlines are getting auto-updated here from Common app.

  • Note on this specific application (important to have at this level, instead of the university level, because sometimes students will make 2 or 3 applications to the same school - with different results! E.g. they may be accepted into the College of Arts and Sciences, but not into a special program; or in the UK, they may be accepted into 2 out of 3 course selections). This note is visible to students.

Multiple Applications to One College or University

  • It is possible to have multiple applications to the same university. Schools in the UK for example, may have more than one application to one institution. To add another application, simply click the blue "+ Add" button beside Applications.

  • It is possible to track that an application was made. Just click Remove Application at the bottom of the relevant school.

Application Overview

The list on the left contains a summary of all your schools marked Applying, grouped by status: Removed, Active, or Applications with Results.

Which list a school appears in depends on the actions you take and results selected.

  • Applications with the non-final results (No Status, Submitted, Pending, Waitlisted or Deferred) remain in the active column

  • Applications with final results (Attending, Accepted, Accepted Conditional, Denied) are automatically moved to the top column and color coded by result (5)

Student Outcome

Many schools want to track what a student plans to do after graduating from high school. At the top of the Applications page, choose from a list of post-secondary options. Once these have been entered for students, counselors can go to Reports on the left, and run a report by graduation year to see summary information.

Summary Application Information - Another View

The Student List is pretty powerful! Go to the Student List Page and use the Filters function to the select group of students you want to review. Then use Column function to select Applications. Drag the applications tab to adjust the order of appearance and click Update!

I don't want my students to edit application details

You can prevent students from going in and updating the applications page using one simple account configuration. Click the chevron on the top right corner and click Configuration. Scroll down to student connectivity and turn off Can Edit Application Details has been added under the Students Connectivity section.

When turned off, this option will prevent the student from making any changes to their applications. You can turn it back ON when you would like students to go ahead and make changed to their applications

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