Cialfo offers university profiles for many universities in Schools.  To access the school's profile hover your mouse over the schools name and the click.

Please note: If there is not a hyperlink access when clicking on the school name, then there is not full school profile available.

The School Profile

In the school profile, the following information is available:

  • Test Score Range for SAT and ACT

  • Rankings

  • Quick Facts

  • Top Majors

  • School Description

  • Scattergram

  • Demographics

  • Ethnicity Data

  • External Links (these option can be altered in Account -> Configuration -> External Links

  • Environment

  • Application History

  • Applicants (Past and Present)

Customize the School Profile

Counselor can customize the elements of the School Profile displayed on the counselor's side of the platform.  Be careful when selecting Applicants and using it with students as it may reveal sensitive admissions information.  

The settings toggle here does not impact what student see in the school profile.  To alter the student's view, the counselor must change it in Account -> Configuration -> School Profile. Take note in the example below that the Application is toggled OFF as not granting access to Application for students and parents!!

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