The Student List displays student data according to the Filters and Columns you set.


Click on the Columns icon to select the columns you'd like to add, and click on the Filters icon to narrow down your student list by various student traits.

For instance, to display the status and results of students' applications, select the "Colleges - Shortlist" column. You can drag and drop then columns based on what you'd like to see first. Click "Update Order" to save your changes.


To view all students in the Class of 2021, head to Add Filter > Graduation Year > 2021.

Why It Matters

Users love that our filters and columns can enable them to laser focus on students that meet different criteria, and see only the information they're interested in.

For example:

  • Application Results for all students who applied to Carnegie Mellon

  • Task Progress and Last Sign In date for all students interested in UK universities

  • Contact Details (mobile, email) for students in the Classes of 2020 and 2021

What's Available

The list of filters and modules available is growing all the time. Currently, you can manipulate the Student List according to these parameters.

Popular Filters

  • Application Degree Type (Undergraduate for college applications, K-12 for boarding school applications, etc.)

  • Application Region (country or province being applied to)

  • Application Type (admissions round - from EA to RD)

  • Application Year

  • Graduation or Class Year

  • Location

  • Mentor (counselor name)

  • Groups

  • Shortlisted Schools (schools the student is interested in)

  • Applying Schools (schools the student is definitely applying to)

Popular Columns

  • Tasks (progress summary at the task list level)

  • Applications (application status and results)

  • Last Signed In (to monitor student engagement)

  • SAT and ACT scores

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