Cialfo Access: Using College Visits

Method to create a college visit, and email notification sent to attendees.

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Cialfo enables counselors to post when college representatives will visit a school and share these visits with students. Counselors can take notes on colleges during the visit and students can register to attend these visits. 

In the new release, there are 2 cards on the Counselor's dashboard 1. College Visit Request and 2. College Visit scheduled.

In College Visit Request - you can see top 3 requests from the colleges for the visit and in College Visit Scheduled - you can also take a look at information for the top 3 upcoming confirmed visits.

In order to see all the scheduled visits/requests you can also click at "View All"

From your left hand menu, you would see College Visits and 3 tabs underneath, In each of these sections, you might notice numeric notifications beside them indicating new activity in each:

  1. Schedule

  2. Requests

  3. Availiabilty

In Schedule, the numeric notification shows you either "Upcoming" visits in the next 15 days or for the same day.

In Requests, you would see the unconfirmed visit requests.

In Availiablity, you would see "Set Now" - this prompts if you have set very few slots of availiablity. Schools that set up their availabilty, they can receive over 50 requests from the universities.

Scheduling a Visit

To schedule a new college visit or a college Fair, can click the button of "College Visit"  or " College Fair" button in the middle of the page.
Fill the details of college visit, such as the college who plans to visit, Event Description, Staff note, Organizers, Date, Time and Location.

Now, you can also manage your account settings from the Schedule page under 'My Settings' and 'School Settings' options. Clicking on either option will redirect you to your settings page.

Note:- You may not be able to see this in your account, as this feature is only for the counselor admins.

Scroll down the page within a visit, and find there is also an option of adding requirements of attendees, such as Registration deadline, selecting student by graduation year or by grades.

After fill in all  the info including the required spaces and click Save. If you click "Save and Notify Audience", all selected audiences will receive an email notification.

After completing and saving the visit, the visit will now appear in the scheduled college visit list and after creating this college visit, your attendees will receive a notification email sent by Cialfo.

If you click at the scheduled event, a sidebar will appear where you can see an overview of the event, attendees and it will also allow you to edit the information of the event if needed.

If you go further to Attendees tab, from there you can see the Registration deadline, number of students registered for the event, and if requried more students can be added from there.

If you need to edit any information, clicking on 'Edit' will redirect you to the Edit requests page in College Visits > Requests page. More on that in the next section!

College Visit Requests

Under College Visit > Request - allows you to view all the incoming requests and also from here you can confirm, reschedule or cancel the scheduled visit.

Under Requests you can also toggle between Existing Requests & Cancelled Requests.

You can also use Filters to manage your College Visits.

Clicking on a scheduled request - a sidebar will appear with all the information of the college visit.

Managing School Availability

To manage your availiabilty click at College Visits > Availability you would be able to see all the availabilty you have and also when you it's booked. There are 2 different colours, Blue text refers to all the Non-recurring slots and Purple text refers to the recurring slots.

In Availablity page, you will have an option to manage your availability in 2 ways.

  1. Add Bulk Availability - Click at the Add Bulk Availability from the top and this will provide you with a quick way to add more than a one-time slot for your school.

2. Add Slots :- This can be done by clicking at specific dates.

Adding slots is similar to the previous version of College Visits, you can select a Start & End date for the slots you would like to add. To add multiple slots for the same day, click the '+' button to the right of the day of the week you would like to add to. Similarly, clicking the trash button will delete the selected time slot.

Have a question you are unsure of or need more information for your specific needs? Please reach out to our support team via Chat or check out other resources at Cialfo!

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