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Cialfo Access: Assigning a Counselor to an Unassigned Student
Cialfo Access: Assigning a Counselor to an Unassigned Student

Where can I see all students who have not yet been assigned a counselor? Can I assign them more than one counselor?

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Before proceeding, please make sure that you are an Admin on Cialfo. Only Counselor Admins can assign other counselors to the appropriate students.

Step 1 - Choose an unassigned student

To choose an unassigned student, click Students on then left menu then click on the Unassigned page in the top menu. Choose the student whom you wish to assign a counselor to. Then, tick the box next to the students name, select 'Assign Counselor' via Bulk Actions.

Step 2 - Assign a Counselor

Once you have clicked on 'Assign Counselor' a box will appear with all the Team Members in your organisation. Select a Counselor to assign to the student by checking the tick box next to the relevant Counselor's name. You may assign multiple Counselors to a student by selecting more Counselor names. Once you have made your changes, remember to click on 'Save'. 

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