We all have different ways of working and managing information. Cialfo empowers clients to customize certain features on the platform. Account Configure is your control tower, it impacts how your students, staff, and parent/guardian community experience Cialfo.

Note: Only Administrators have access to this page. Any changes made in Account Configure apply to all users associated with your account.

To start, click the chevron in the upper right corner and select 'Configuration'.

Pro Tip: Remember to press save within each section for changes to apply.

User Default Settings

Select the timezone and region/residence where your school is located.

Scattergram Default Settings

You can customize what default data will display on Scattergram. Scattergrams appear when looking at a specific school's information using the School Search function. Updating default start and end year can provide a helpful parameter.

Scattergram - Cialfo Network Data

Cialfo serves thousands of schools around the world. If you opt in, your data is anonymously shared and you can enable students and or staff to view the network data. You can toggles this off and on if you want to view it both ways before deciding what default setting you will use.

For more information, please refer to this video.

School GPA range

Within the Cialfo family of users exists dozens of GPA scales. We have standardized all GPA's to a 4.0 scale. If your school uses a different GPA range (not 4.0), enter your program's minimum and maximum GPA range, press "update" and the Cialfo algorithm will calculate the conversion for you.

Students Connectivity

Here is where you customize permissions for students. Remember to press save when making changes.

Emails from Cialfo

Cialfo sends out notifications to staff and students alike and by default, it's sent from a Cialfo email address. You can customize this feature and input a sender name to make it more personalized and also ensure that the replies go directly to you or your school.

Counselor Connectivity

As an Admin-Counselor for your school, you can choose to allow non-Admin Counselors to:

  1. View and edit the team section (other staff members)

  2. View the reports that can generated for your school from the left menu

School Search permissions

This set of configurations is for both students and guardians and will determine if a guardian and/or student can add or remove colleges and universities from the student’s different lists.

External Links

Cialfo has curated a list of popular and recognized providers of school profile information. Based on your school's preferences, you can choose which links are shown to your students and which ones are hidden.

Pro Tip: Click the blue checks to unselect and remember to choose 'overwrite existing' or simply 'update' before pressing save.

School Profile

Customize the content that is displayed in school profiles when using the School Search feature.

Inside Scoop: Applicants is by default unselected.
This is where your team can view detailed applicant history, including student's full name, GPA, test score and outcome for a specific school.

Because of this highly confidential nature of this information, we encourage counseling teams to discuss activating this section. It's a layer of protection so that someone does not accidentally display this information in a 1:1 meeting with a student or worse during a classroom or large presentation.

Grade Default

You can set your default academic system here. Add terms per grade and indicate the Grade default per level.

Note: this feature is very helpful for some programs and not used by others. Discuss with your Customer Success On-boarding Manager to determine what is best for your program.

Application Preferences

The link above offers an in-depth look at customizing cDocs in this section. In this section, you manage recommendations and configurations for college document sending.

Pro Tip: Do you want students to request teacher recommendations directly in the platform? Or do you want to manage the teacher recommendations without students inviting teachers? Either method is an excellent option depending on your work flow and organization.

Note: Counselor and Teacher Recommendations both fall under Common Application's One And Done Policy.

  • Customized letters for a single school school are sent to all schools in the student's list. This is why the Common Application advises that the recommendation is kept general and not school specific.

  • If you would like to submit a school-specific recommendation, you will need to contact the colleges for procedures on how they would like to receive it.

Set Current Grades

This section is where you label and assign a grade level to students by high school graduation year.

  • How you choose to name each grade will impact various functions in the platform.

  • We suggest discussing the naming convention before applying it to all students.

  • Once the academic year is finished and your data is updated, you click the +1 to move everyone up a year. Remember to select "update all students" for the change to apply.

  • Pro Tip: select "update all students" whenever new students are added to your school. By updating all students, the new students will be included in grade level assigned task lists and Broadcasts.

Logo Upload

Found at the bottom of the page, you can upload or update your school's logo.

Cialfo Event Notifications

Here is where you can decide if you would like Cialfo to update students and or guardians about virtual college fairs, webinars or other programming hosted by Cialfo and free for our users.

🎉 Congratulations! 🎉

You have completed the Account Configure setup!

Please use the Chat with Cialfo function if you have any immediate questions or reach out to your Customer Success Manager directly for additional support.

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