At this time, teachers cannot view surveys. Teacher access will come in future iterations of surveys

Once a Survey has been published or saved as a draft, it will be visible to counselors under the Surveys tab. There are 4 statuses:

  1.  Recent will display surveys that are saved as Drafts, Queued, Published, or Completed surveys whose Due Date was in the last 30 days. All will list all the surveys that have been created on Cialfo.

  2. Add Filters allows you filter your surveys based on their status and recipient type.

  3. Actions will allow you to create a Copy, Preview, Archive and Delete the survey.

Understanding the Different Survey Statuses

  • Draft: When a survey is first created but not sent out to any recipients.

  • Queued: When a survey has been published but its Start Date is in the future.

  • Published: When a survey has been published and the start date is today or a past date.

  • Completed: When all the survey recipients have submitted their responses, the survey moves into the Completed status.

  • Archived: When a survey's Due Date has passed, or if a Survey Creator manually clicks the Archive Survey button a survey status is set to Archived. An archived survey is not visible to any assigned recipients.

Viewing Survey Responses

In order to view the recipient's responses, click on the survey name and navigate to the Responses tab. 

Download Responses allows the counselor to download a summary of all the recipient's responses in an Excel sheet.

A counselor can also click on the recipient's name to view their responses and generate a printable version of the responses.

Reopening a Survey

Counselors can now reopen surveys if the due date has passed and all the students haven't submitted their responses. Reopening the survey allows counselors to set a new due date to an existing survey. Once reopened, students who haven't submitted a response previously will now able to do so.

Click on the survey you would like to reopen and then click the 'Reopen Survey' button.

Select the new due date and click 'Reopen'.

Archiving a Survey

Archiving a survey will hide it from any recipients it has been published to. Recipients will not able to view an archived survey.

Deleting a Survey

To delete the survey click on the trash bin icon. Surveys with no questions can be deleted. This design prevents counselors from permanently deleting a survey by mistake.  If you would like to disable a survey that has already been sent out, please use the Archive option.

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