Accessing Surveys
Counselors can view drafts and completed surveys, track survey responses, reopen, archive or delete a survey. ✨Pro Users Only ✨
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*At this time, teachers cannot view surveys.

Within the Surveys page, you may toggle between the Recent and All tabs. Only surveys that have a Due Date in the last 30 days and is a Draft, Queued, Published or Completed will be listed under the Recent tab.

List of Survey Statuses

  • Draft: When a survey is first created but not sent out to any recipients.

  • Queued: When a survey has been published but its Start Date is in the future.

  • Published: When a survey has been published and the start date is today or a past date.

  • Completed: When all the survey recipients have submitted their responses, the survey moves into the Completed status.

  • Archived: When a survey's Due Date has passed, or if a Survey Creator manually clicks the Archive Survey button a survey status is set to Archived. An archived survey is not visible to any assigned recipients.

View Responses

To view the responses, click on the survey and then on the Response tab. Here, you will be able to see the list of recipients who have responded and you may even download the responses with the Download Responses tab.

Reopening a Survey

You may reopen surveys if the Due Date has passed and not all of your recipients have submitted their responses. This will allow you to set a new Due Date to an existing survey, allowing students who have yet to submit their responses to do so.

To reopen, click on the survey and then click on the 'Reopen Survey' button.

You will then be prompted to input a new Start Date and Due Date for the survey. Once you have done so, click on Reopen and the survey is now Published again.

Archive a Survey

If you would like to hide a published survey from recipients, you may do so by clicking on the Archive button under the Actions column of the Surveys page.

Delete a Survey

If you have created a survey that has no questions, you will be able to delete it. However, if you have published a survey with questions, you will not be able to delete it - you may only Archive it. We have intentionally designed it this way to prevent counselors from accidentally deleting surveys by mistake.

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