Once a college has registered and the institution's registration has been approved, the next step is to add your timezone and add Team members. 

Tour and Setting Timezone

When logging in to Explore for the first time, view brief onboading screens and then select your college's timezone.

Language Switch

Explore supports dual language capabilities with a language switcher. User settings can be managed and updated in My Settings, with an option to choose either English or Chinese.

Adding Your Team

Now that the account is set up, your college can start scheduling visits to Explore by Cialfo schools.

Before scheduling visits, we'd recommend adding admission team members from your institution first. 

Step 1 - Navigate to and click on the Team section on the left and a sidebar will open. A new team member can be added by clicking on 'Add a member' button and then provide the required details of the team member. Account status and role are mandatory for every new member added. Account status can be 'Active' for a active member or 'Inactive' for a deactivated member. Roles can be 'Member' or an 'Admin'. Only Admin roles can edit your school's information.

Step 2 - Activate and notify your Team members of their new Explore account! Bulk actions can be performed on a group of team members. The different types of bulk action that can be performed on the team list are 'Activate', 'Deactivate', 'Send Welcome Email' and 'Reset Password'.


You've now completed the basic set up of your Explore account! The last step is to start requesting and managing visits. Learn more about requesting visits here.

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