Cialfo offers university profiles for many universities in Schools. To find out more information about a school, use our school search by clicking on 'Schools' located at the left menu. Simply select the name of the university, or click the "More Details" button (if you're in the cards view) and you'll be able to view the university's profile.

Pro tip: If you can't find a school, tick the 'Expand Search' under Filter Results. This is to view the curated list of schools that Cialfo has.

The School Profile

In the school profile, the following information is available:

  • Test Score Range for SAT and ACT

  • Rankings

  • Quick Facts

  • Top Majors

  • School Description

  • Scattergram

  • Demographics

  • Ethnicity Data

  • External Links (these option can be altered in Account -> Configuration -> External Links

  • Environment

  • Application History

  • Applicants (Past and Present)

Customize Students' view of a School Profile

To alter the student's view, the counselor can go to Account > Configuration > School Profile.

To alter your students' view, head to Account > Configuration > School Profile section. You will be able to adjust their display by toggling the visibility for the different sections. Once you're done, click on 'Save'.

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