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The Application Details of a Student's Profile
The Application Details of a Student's Profile
Adding groups, Counselors, degree types, changing application regions, application vs enrolment year and majors and financial aid!
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Under a student's Profile, the Application Details is where you will be able to make changes to the different application fields like Degree type, Application and Enrollment Year, Academic Interest, Groups and more! To edit these details, click on the "Update Application Details" button.

Assigning Degree Types and Groups

Degree types: You can add or edit the Degree Type by clicking Edit button next to the degree type. You can add following degree types: K-12, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, MD and MBA

Groups: To remove a group assigned to your student, click on the "x" button. Your group will still apply to other students who are assigned to it. However, the student whose profile you are on will no longer be assigned to the group.
To add a new group or edit a current group, click on the blue Add & Edit icon.

Application Round 

Students or Counselors can identify the application round and deadline for each application within the Application Details. If students are unable to select a round or deadline on in Applications, verify that the correct Application Year has been selected for the student.

For current grade 12 students (ex: Class of 2022), the application year is typically minus one year (ex: Class of 2022 is Application Year 2021).

Is the Application round and deadline missing?

Under the individual student's page, head to cDocs > Applications and select the university. Scroll down to the application portion and select the round that the student is applying for.

Application Regions is now school-wide

In the previous UX, the Application Regions was under each student's individual profile. In the latest update, the Application Regions is setting is now school-wide - you may edit Application Regions under Account settings.

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