Note that this article references how to edit or cancel a college visit in College Visits, not Explore by Cialfo. When a visit is cancelled inside of College Visits, on the attendees registered are notified. If a visit must be canceled and it was scheduled by the college in Explore, please go to this article for more support.

Editing a College Visit

Navigate to the College Visits page and click on the college name that needs to be edited - a sidebar will open on the right. You may view/edit the visit details here and send notifications of the changes made by clicking on Overview > Attendees > Edit.

  1. On the left hand menu, click on "College Visits".

  2. Click on the college name that needs to be edited.

  3. A right sidebar will appear. You can view/edit visit details and send notifications by clicking on the "Overview", "Attendees", and "Edit" tabs.

Cancelling a Visit

Under the 'Edit' tab of that college visit, scroll all the way down and click on the 'Cancel Event' button. A notification email will be automatically sent to all attendees to inform them that the Visit has been cancelled.

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