Explore by Cialfo helps counselors save time and connects high schools to a network of college representatives. Set up your available times, share your schools' Explore url, and let colleges book visits with you. 

Getting started with Explore is simple! Schools who already use Cialfo can easily access Explore by going through their Cialfo account. Follow these eight steps to set up your Explore account.

Accessing Explore

Access Explore by going to College Visits. Once in College Visits, counselors will see an Explore banner at the top of the screen. To get started, click on "Manage Availability". 

With the first access, counselors will be walked through a brief tour and will be prompted to confirm their time zone.

Availability Settings - Primary Contact & Messages

The next step in getting started with Explore, is to identify the primary contact at your school for coordinating visits.

Step 1 - Click on Availability and then click on Settings in the upper right corner of the calendar.

Step 2 - In the sidebar, click on edit next to Primary Contact & Notifications. Identify what member of your school will be the primary contact for coordinating visits to your school. The list of names are the counselor admins imported directly from your Cialfo account.

Don't immediately see their name? Try typing it in the window. 

Step 3 - If there are other counselor admins whom you'd like to receive notifications of visits, add their name as well under Member Notifications.

Step 4 - If there are other people in your school who do not currently have a Cialfo account, you can add them to Explore by going to Team. Scenarios where this might be helpful is to include security, facilities management staff, etc. These people may not need access to Cialfo, but may need to be made aware of visitors to your school.

The next step in Availability Settings is to decide if your school wants visits scheduled through Explore to be published in College Visits in your Cialfo account.

Step 5 - After Primary Contact & Notifications, find the section labeled Publishing Events on Cialfo and click edit.

Step 6 -  Indicate whether or not you want Explore events automatically published in College Visits on Cialfo. Keep in mind, this is a one way sync. If visits are scheduled in College Visits by one of your team members, it will not sync with Explore.

The last step in Availability Settings set up is to identify what Instructions and Confirmation messages you want colleges and universities to receive.

Step 7 - At the bottom of the Availability Settings sidebar, scroll down to Messaging Options and click edit.

Step 8 - If your school has any special instructions for colleges and universities, include them here.


You've now completed the basic set up of your Explore account! The next step is to identify the Availability your school has for hosting college and university representatives. Learn more about setting up your school's availability (dates and times) to host colleges and universities here.

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