Before starting to use cDocs, it's wise to go through and make sure certain fields in the counselor, student and teacher profiles are completed.

Counselor & Teacher Profiles - Teacher and counselor phone numbers are required to support Common App integration. This can be edited by a counselor admin role by going to Team and then editing the teacher or counselor profile. Or teachers can edit their own profile. Be sure to choose the correct country code followed by the number.

Note: As per Common App requirements, phone numbers must be a minimum of 10 digits total including country code. (Ex. +65-1234-5678)

Student Profile - A student’s date of birth, phone number, and address are required in their Cialfo profile to support Common App integration. A counselor can edit this information in the student profile or the student can edit their own profile if a school has given students permission to do so (Account - Configure - Student Connectivity). If this information is missing from a student account, the student will be prompted within Cialfo Recommendations to complete it when attempting to link their Cialfo and Common App accounts.

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