Cialfo has a New look! Here is the Dashboard guide in our new interface.

To view the Dashboard of a student, you can simply click the student name.

2. Create a Resume

The Dashboard has a summary of all information under Student- Profile.

Now you can create Resumes for students with information saved on Cialfo!

2.1 To do so, you can simply click 'Create Resume'.

2.2 In Resume builder page, you have the option to include certain information such as Extracuricular Activities. You can also add additional information apart from the info already saved on Cialfo, such as Cover Letter, Skills and Language.

2.3 Once done, click the Download button and you can create a resume in Word. This will allow you to edit the resume.

3. Edit Dashboard

To customize the view, click on 'Edit Dashboard'.

3. A pop-up box appears on the right. This list allows you to customize what is being displayed on the dashboard. To enable/disable a module (section) from the dashboard from being shown, you can check/uncheck the tick box in blue. You can also drag the modules (sections) up or down to reorder the sequence of the modules.

One thing to note: the setting counselor made regarding the view of students' dashboard only views from counselor's account, which will not change the view from students' end.

Students can also customize their dashboard view from their Cialfo accounts.

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