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Visualize a Student's Admissions Chances with Scattergrams
Visualize a Student's Admissions Chances with Scattergrams
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Cialfo's Scattergrams allow students and their counselors to see a "map" of real university admissions decisions in a quick, understandable way. The graph plots past acceptances, denials, and waitlist decisions against each student's high school grade point average (GPA) and SAT or ACT scores.

Change the y-axis according to your available test results, and decide whether you want students to view the entire data network (of US-based and international applicants) or focus on your school or organization's historical data only.

Getting There

Scattergrams can be found inside Cialfo's school profiles. View them from the Global Schools search (on the left side navigation), or see how a specific student stacks up against past applicants by accessing school profiles from within his Schools tab. 

Looking to do more with scattergrams?

Counselors switching to Cialfo from other platforms, or who have records of past acceptance results, can easily upload their historical data into the scattergram feature. We can also make scattergrams available to your prospective students, by special request. Contact us to learn how!

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